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Clay at Work

Hi! My name is Nessa and I am a former teacher.  During the pandemic, I followed my lifelong dream and retrained as a ceramicist. I have always found working with clay inspiring, mindful and therapeutic; I’m now very pleased to be able to share my love of clay with your company, as part of your wellbeing offer for staff.

What I offer...

Now that people are starting to come back to the office, I know how important it is for colleagues to reconnect. You will be considering how you can enable this, particularly where teams have grown or changed over the last two years. Here’s where I could help! My sessions provide a relaxing opportunity to create something in stoneware and the ideal chance to chat and get to know each other. The projects I offer are easy to make even for complete beginners. I will then fire and glaze everyone’s creation, and post these back to you.

Workshop Details

Slide Title

"I'm so proud of the bowl I made- It's perfect for olives. I love it!" Heather

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